~Meeting with New York Fire Commissioner

    Salvatore J Cassano on September 6th 2012







~Being Part of the Documentary “Metal of Honor- The Ironworkers of 9/11”


~Documentary “Up from Zero” September 9/2003.  The National Museum of

American History Washington DC.


~New York Post  August 10, 2006   Click here to read the article


~New York Times  October 5, 2001  Click here to read the article


~Guideposts  September 2002  Click here to read the article


~Readers Digest  December 2001  Click here to read the article


~Award From “The Children of Learning Tree Multi-Cultural School” Corona NY


~FOX 4 News Fort Myers, FL  September 9,2011~


~Channel 9 News New York City September 9,2005


~Wink News September 4th 2012


~WGFU Radio Station September 8th 2012


~Front Page of The News Press September 11th 2012


~Book Signing @ Abyssinan Baptist Church September 9th 2012 “Thank You Reverend Butts”


~Speaking engagement, Buckingham Exceptional Elementary Student Center, Fort Myers, FL

September 11th 2012




~Book Signing October 9th 2012. Hodges College Fort Myers Florida.  Tommy Was awarded an Honorary Chief Fireman’s Hat From Chief Phillip Green & Philip Brown




This post card came after President Obama read my book,


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